helsinkizurich works interdisciplinarily in the fields of architecture, real estate development, urban design & planning and city development. Our services range from concepts to realization, from design solutions to strategies.

Selected work

Village Centre Ramersdorf, Munich DE

The old village of Ramersdorf, nowadays completely incorporated by the city of Munich, is famous for its pilgrimage church. ...

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Imatra Powerplant Area City Plan, Imatra / FI

The land owner wanted to add new housing in this historically remarkable district. The hydroelectric power station...

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Döbele Square, Konstanz DE

In closest proximity to the Swiss border the Döbele Square forms one of the anchor points of Konstanz city centre...

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Finnoo Masterplan, Espoo FI

A new town will be built around the planned Finnoo metro station. The future eco-district will accommodate 14 000 residents...

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Werkstadt Zürisee, Wädenswil CH

The district Rütihof west of the town centre Wädenswil is one of the last remaining reserved areas for industrial...

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Mikkeli Centre, Mikkeli FI

The concept of the park reflects the experience of Lake Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland, and the fourth largest...

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Aalto Campus - 2015, Espoo FI

The new family of arts buildings manifests the new birth of Otaniemi. It boasts pioneering student and user-oriented...

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Center Development, Kouvola FI

Kouvola Center DevelopmentKouvola is a city of approximately 80.000 inhabitants in south eastern Finland. It is an important...

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Future Work Challenge – Loft Hippostalo, Tampere FI

The aim of the Nordic Built Competition was to find new ideas and impulses for restructuring outdated office structures...

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