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Imatrankoski area is the core district of the Eastern Finnish city of Imatra, situated close to the Russian border along a string of rapids renowned for their beauty. This project, started by the city in 2011, aimed at finding new angles for developing the city centre functionally and commercially. Key features of the development concept are discovering existing potentials, improving the fragmented structure of the area and taking use of vacant courtyards. Four themes for future development were devised: “Green Line” focusing on green areas, “Treasure Chest” with an emphasis on diverse spaces, “Decades of Nostalgia” with a focus on history, and finally “Tuscany of the North” centered on compact city spaces. The final result was a concrete combination of these different visions: suggestions for new infill, recognizable landmarks, and routes that bind the fabric of the city together. An overarching goal was to ensure that the city remains commercially sustainable and competitive while substantially improving its public environment.


City of Imatra

Role & scope

Urban design




helsinkizurich (Antti Ahlava, Mirjam Niemeyer, Tommi Mäkynen, Stefanie Sixt, Anne Honkasalo) and a team of subconsultants (real-estate economy, traffic planning and landscape architecture Ramboll)

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