Suurpelto is one of the key large-scale urban green-field development projects in the Helsinki metropolitan area. In order to turn one of the sub-areas into a benchmark for the neighbouring developments, a new type of integrative development process is conceptualized. Based on helsinkizurich’s initiative in Urban Design Management, the process follows a path from mapping values and interests through themes and visions towards schemes and solutions. Two main themes were recognized: ‘energy & environment’ as well as ‘creativity & flexibility’. All key stakeholders were involved from the beginning. Three curated designer and developer teams developed their projects in an open dialog, with a chain of creative workshops in between. The outcome is an urban design manual and a flexible master plan, which can facilitate the further development of the area.


The City of Espoo, Suurpelto project


consultant, urban design management, project development


responsibility of the conception, organisation, management and facilitation of an integrative development process


2008- 2009


Tommi Mäkynen (project leader); external experts Sirkka Heinonen, Herkko Lehdonvirta, Antti Ahlava, Kaarin Taipale

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