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helsinkizurich is an internationally operating architecture and planning consultancy. Our work is driven by the belief that the quality of people’s lives is directly influenced by their surroundings, at work, at home or the public spaces in between. We make places for good life.

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helsinkizurich HZ Job opening: Projektleiter*in Vorprojekt bis Realisierung (80-100%) #Innenarchitektur #HQ #ITstartuphttps://t.co/jWsSi48kZN
helsinkizurich Nice! HZ's 'Xplatz' or 'Therapie Kreuzplatz' project in Zurich published in @divisare_ - Thanks! Grazie! Have a loo… https://t.co/7Gc5O7DiEE
helsinkizurich „Densification meets Heritage” - a Podium Talk tonight in zurich by ZBV and hosted by HZ’ Mirjam #densificationhttps://t.co/V1FKJhfFqd
helsinkizurich HZ commissioned to develop the ‘Masterplan Bahnhof Töss’ in Winterthur CH. The multi-scaled work just kicked off wi… https://t.co/smFOTWBExC
helsinkizurich »Quartier Mühlkanal« - Exhibition of competition results opens Feb 6 / Ausstellung der Wettbewerbsergebnisse, Eröff… https://t.co/x5x9ZZG2ke
helsinkizurich 1st PRIZE! HZ w/ Cadrage Landschaftsarchitekten wins the ‚Quartier Mühlkanal‘ competition in Salach DE - Part of th… https://t.co/Simcd75njf
helsinkizurich The project of the Century for Lucerne: «Durchgangsbahnhof Luzern – Entwicklung Bahnhofsraum 2040» - HZ's Tommi in… https://t.co/GPd6rDo87F