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helsinkizurich is an internationally operating architecture and planning consultancy. Our work is driven by the belief that the quality of people’s lives is directly influenced by their surroundings, at work, at home or the public spaces in between. We make places for good life.

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helsinkizurich RT @IBA2027: 📢In #Salach liegt ein weiteres #IBA27-Projekt: Auf dem Areal der ehemaligen Textilfabrik Schachenmayr soll ein sozialgerecht d…
helsinkizurich It’s a GO! Our reworked scheme for the olde textile factory Schachenmayr in Salach DE has been unanimously accepted… https://t.co/QfGYcZXDxm
helsinkizurich Kickoff Testplanung Lindareal, Winterthur CH, 2020 - helsinkizurich alongside KCAP and Gehl invited to develop a vi… https://t.co/7Vc6smtPUT
helsinkizurich HZ w/ IBV Hüsler wins commission in Köniz CH. Niederwangen - split by train and highway - needs to be reconnected.… https://t.co/EhQKCQEkJ5
helsinkizurich New helsinkizurich-website coming soon - with new projects. Bare with us.
helsinkizurich HZ lead one of the seven teams to deliver a vision for Volta Nord - go check out the Exhibition in Basel open now… https://t.co/zi6khiN2PB
helsinkizurich HZ design for Viinikanlahti, Tampere, FI: a play of water and land - a collaboration with @ksotamaa and Fredrik Lin… https://t.co/XvqhaFQXKT