• BOA carroussel1
  • HZ AVA Mus Karroussel
  • AGG main2
  • ZWI main
  • HZ SUV karroussel
  • SAM 01
  • nid bildkarroussel-683x374
  • AVAbus main
  • ZOL 01
  • hz8
  • AGG phone
  • BOA mob 01
  • fin bildkarroussel-683x374
  • SAM mob 01
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helsinkizurich HZ w/ IBV Hüsler wins commission in Köniz CH. Niederwangen - split by train and highway - needs to be reconnected.… https://t.co/EhQKCQEkJ5
helsinkizurich New helsinkizurich-website coming soon - with new projects. Bare with us.
helsinkizurich HZ lead one of the seven teams to deliver a vision for Volta Nord - go check out the Exhibition in Basel open now… https://t.co/zi6khiN2PB
helsinkizurich HZ design for Viinikanlahti, Tampere, FI: a play of water and land - a collaboration with @ksotamaa and Fredrik Lin… https://t.co/XvqhaFQXKT
helsinkizurich helsinkizurich involved in the transformation of Schachenmayr-Areal - @IBA2027 on the Recent Developments and the P… https://t.co/MCiIlrCcoW
helsinkizurich helsinkizurich invited to study the development potential of the 'HIAG Areal' in Pratteln CH #Architecturehttps://t.co/5jPF5yTUMv
helsinkizurich HZ is transforming an old factory Moscow into a smart mixed-use destination with some smart people. As the planning… https://t.co/5omRIo6FrE