29/06/2022 RAZOMZUSAMMEN - Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture and Kivet Oberhausen, June 29, Wednesday, 19:00 Discussion Architecture During and After the War: the Restoration of Ukrainian Cities and Villages w/ ⁦@TommiMakynen⁩ and Oleksandr Shevchenko https://t.co/99QNPwDWCX

Lentics, Uznach CH, 2021

07/06/2022 HZ’s @TommiMakynen hosting a group of urban planning Alumni from @AaltoPRO visiting Basel, Regionale 2025 in Limmattal, @stadtzuerich & @stadtluzern #urbandevelopment #urbanplanning #landscapeplanning #urbandesign #densification #architecture #publictransportation #climatechange https://t.co/kfPHCO5lYG

Enzian Health, Pfäffikon CH, 2020

23/05/2022 New Center for Andermatt CH - Back in 2011 HZ won a Prize in the int’l urban design competition for a new center for the growing alpine town. Today we kicked off the next steps. w/ Hager Partner & TRATUS. #newcenter #urbandesign #architecture #walkability #makingplaces https://t.co/cnepQ24JXX

Enzian Health, Lenzburg CH, 2021

20/05/2022 HZ goes art! We won third prize in the open #publicart competition 'Engineering Materials' in Espoo FI with the entry Graffiti. https://t.co/wnZa0I2caA

Scandit HQ, Zürich CH, 2022

20/05/2022 Cheers, mate! HZ’s Antti is working on #campusdesign #adaptivereuse #energychallenge and #futurehousing @univofcambridge at the moment https://t.co/LWh8I5cGjw

Masterplan Bahnhof Töss, Winterthur CH, 2020

17/05/2022 140 sustainable apartments here please - HZ won the pitch for the Haltenrain masterplan in Niederscherli Köniz CH. A wooden neighborhood will surround a listed old farmhouse in the future. W/ westpol_la, IBV Hüsler, Zeugin Gölker and hlsarchitekten #urbandesign #masterplan https://t.co/bcbWr8ku3E

Pokrovka Creative Offices, Moscow RU, 2019

16/05/2022 HZ shortlisted for rejuvenating the parish house in Enge Zürich CH #heritage #adaptivereuse #architecture #interiorarchitecture https://t.co/0H7POgxgc4

Praxis Kreuzplatz, Zurich CH, 2019

11/05/2022 HZ’ Partners @MirjamNiemeyer and @TommiMakynen are part of ro3kvit - an Ukrainian-European group of experts to rebuild Ukraine. ro3kvit will develop strategies for: #rebuild #ukraine #architecture #urbanplanning #housing #sustainabledevelopment https://t.co/X2STcBONy1 https://t.co/kwIrpujvDs

Volta Nord, Basel CH, 2019

09/05/2022 BREAKING NEWS: HZ has just won a urban design competition in Glarus CH! We’re transforming Buchholz industrial area into a mixed use quarter. More details later when the jury report is out. #urbanplanning #urbandesign #transformation #brownfield #mixeduse #Glarus

Amylon Neighborhood, Sibiu RO, 2019

27/04/2022 HZ’s @TommiMakynen hosting a group urbanists from @AaltoPRO with Ukrainian guests visiting Basel, @Limmatstadt , @stadtzuerich and @stadtluzern #urbandevelopment #urbanplanning #urbandesign #architecture https://t.co/aa2dIiiMEX

Mühlkanal Neighborhood, Salach DE, 2019

27/04/2022 HZ’s ⁦@MirjamNiemeyer⁩ chairs a panel discussion: UKRAINIAN ARCHITECTS AND THE WAR / Episode #2: Spatial (re)development Initiatives and Institutional cooperations – International Urbanism | University of Stuttgart https://t.co/fkq8zweNwd

Kutoja Masterplan, Espoo FI, 2019

20/04/2022 HZ’s @MirjamNiemeyer talking about her former and current activities in Ukraine tonight in Zurich! #Ukraine #RebuildUkraine https://t.co/U4v31e6reC

Flor Da Manhã Preschool, Xai-Xai MOZ, 2019

20/04/2022 HZ’s @TommiMakynen hosting a group of Finnish Traffic Planners from @AaltoPRO - today @ETH_en talking with Professor Kay Axhausen about the future of mobility. #Mobility #urbandevelopment https://t.co/tNQDbpnwqm

Jätkäsaari Housing Reform, Helsinki FI, 2019

29/03/2022 Kick-off on the Rhein! HZ w/ Westpol, Transitec and Dost selected for developing future scenarios for Rheinufer Ost in Schaffhausen CH. #riverpark #publicspace #adaptivereuse #homesfortomorrow #urbandesign https://t.co/T4Phojd85y

Viererfeld Masterplan, Bern CH, 2018

27/03/2022 HZ wins bid in Lucerne - the Urban Planning Department of the City of Lucerne selects HZ for the Feasibility Study for an Infill and Revitalization Project by Rotsee #urbandesign #infill #housing #urbandesign #neighborhood #revitalization https://t.co/FJi5JqTEyt

Ischlag Development, Saland CH, 2018

11/03/2022 Almost finished. Parish house and housing ELKZ, Zürich CH 2019-2022 - Open doors on Saturday afternoon. The small hybrid building with a parish center and apartments on top tucked in a tight spot downtown Zurich is ready. #architecture #infill #hybridbuilding https://t.co/K8msvZ9MVN

Baar Süd, Baar CH, 2018

08/03/2022 Happy international Women’s day! Part of our Zurich team on a rooftop. A lot of women here. #internationalwomensday https://t.co/wHTE7Nhrld

Cross-disciplinary design collaborations with sustainable fashion design, 2018

04/03/2022 Now the sovereignty of Ukraine is under attack. A huge humanitarian tragedy is a fact. We want to express our support. We have already donated for Ukraine. We encourage you to do so too. #StandWithUkraine️ https://t.co/rImUWkG4NN

Redensification, Klingnau CH, 2018

04/03/2022 We’ve had the opportunity to work in Ukraine for years. With @canactions we have been consulting, teaching, coaching, and curating for better Urban Development. We’ve gotten to know energetic, forward-looking people building up a modern democratic society. #StandWithUkraine️ https://t.co/y6ilskPL4C

Masterplan Hafner, Konstanz DE, 2018

14/02/2022 ELKZ project in central Zurich is getting ready. The Apartments of the small hybrid building are@already finished. #hybrid #parishcenter #housing #densification https://t.co/H5EcjxmTuP

Strömfors Village, Loviisa FI, 2018

Perovskya Urban Center, Moscow RU, 2018

Salina Raurica Masterplan, Pratteln CH, 2018

Town Center, Sarnen CH, 2017

Rotkreuz South, Rotkreuz CH, 2017

Längweier-Udelboden Housing, Luzern CH, 2017

Seminar Rickenbach Neighborhood, Schwyz CH, 2017

Innovation and Startup Ecosystem Development, Espoo FI, 2016

Herti-Areal Development, Bülach CH, 2016

Balboa im Viadukt, Zurich CH, 2016

Dreispitz Südspitze Transformation, Münchenstein CH, 2016