03/12/2021 Meaning of Design in Everyday life - HZ's Tommi gives a talk about Finnish Design tonight at the Bridge in Zurich for the opening of the Suomi Popup during the 'Northern Lights' theme weeks. #Design #EverydayLife #finnishdesign

Scandit HQ, Zürich CH, 2020

19/11/2021 HZ’s Mirjam hands out the Prize for exemplary Sustainable building in Frankfurt - Vorbildliche Bauten - AK Hessen #prize #sustainablebuilding #sustainableurbanplanning https://t.co/zOkuzjtoVy

Masterplan Bahnhof Töss, Winterthur CH, 2020

16/11/2021 Team lead by HZ invited for the Charrette to develop the station area and waterfront around the main station in Thun CH #charrette #urbandesign #urbandevelopment #stationarea #waterfront #transitoriented https://t.co/aYTpV0oNVI

Pokrovka Creative Offices, Moscow RU, 2019

15/11/2021 Press: our @IBA2027 project Quartier am Mühlkanal in the latest Bauwelt - article on Stuttgart's and Zurich's housing policies. #housingpolicy #housing #homesfortomorrow https://t.co/3aON8Zcwzd

Praxis Kreuzplatz, Zurich CH, 2019

11/11/2021 @ALA_Architects Looking good

Volta Nord, Basel CH, 2019

01/11/2021 HZ shortlisted! Our team goes to the final round for the masterplan for Gallisacher Ost in Augst CH. The area lies on the Rhein River close to Basel. We’re teamed with Westpol Landscape Architects #urbandesign #masterplan #transformation #living #homesfortomorrow https://t.co/5soMhYCe9F

Amylon Neighborhood, Sibiu RO, 2019

26/10/2021 HZ chosen to design the expansion and renovation of the Swiss embassy in Helsinki FI #interiorarchitecture #diplomaticarchitecture #representativearchitecture #renovation #expansion https://t.co/EL0o7EQ6VJ

Mühlkanal Neighborhood, Salach DE, 2019

24/10/2021 The Claudunum development - a project at the train station of Kloten CH - was put on hold for a year because of the pandemic. We’re more than happy that the circularity-based project goes forward again! #UrbanPlanning #Kloten #MixedUse #PublicSpace #UrbanMobility #Circular https://t.co/vDbHSJoOul

Kutoja Masterplan, Espoo FI, 2019

05/10/2021 Villa in Copenhagen DK - the project has received a building permit and construction will begin soon. The house with a big roof sits on top of a slope with a protected forest enjoying long views through the trees. #house #villa #architecture https://t.co/DfSKwxJ3tl

Flor Da Manhã Preschool, Xai-Xai MOZ, 2019

28/09/2021 Kick-off in a deserted gym! The Buchholz industrial area in Glarus CH will stepwise be transformed into a mixed use development. #homesfortomorrow #mixeduse #urbandesign https://t.co/VAq2n05AOD

Jätkäsaari Housing Reform, Helsinki FI, 2019

25/09/2021 A new HZ interior - Lentics Augenärzte Praxis in Uznach CH, 2021. Photo from the photoshoot w/ Nadia Neuhaus #interiorarchitecture #interior #healthcare #StayHealthy https://t.co/6bgvJLRRrn

Viererfeld Masterplan, Bern CH, 2018

17/09/2021 Homes for Tomorrow - HZ‘s Mirjam gives a lecture at the festival in Kyiv on the theme she as a curator launched with Canactions School back in 2019 #housing #living #urbandevelopment #homesfortomorrow https://t.co/BgUAPnlgW5

Ischlag Development, Saland CH, 2018

09/09/2021 HZ to turn the old „Hypi“ Bank building in Lenzburg CH into a Future-fit Health Center for Enzian Health #renovation #interiorarchitecture #healthydesign https://t.co/uj5IoiHU0V

Baar Süd, Baar CH, 2018

06/09/2021 HZ’s Tommi invited to give a talk about Helsinki and Zurich city regions in the Light Rail Training Programm by Gunnar Heipp Urban Strategies #urbanplanning #lightrail #UrbanMobility

Cross-disciplinary design collaborations with sustainable fashion design, 2018

25/08/2021 HZ invited to study the masterplan for Gallisacher Ost in Augst CH. The area lies between Salina Raurica and the Rhein River within the Greater Basel area. We’re teamed with Westpol Landscape Architects #urbandesign #masterplan #transformation #living #homesfortomorrow

Redensification, Klingnau CH, 2018

18/08/2021 House Metsälampi, southern Finland, 2013 - a rare pic of a very private group of houses in the woods we designed for a family of three generations. The intimately grouped houses were built ecologically out of prefabricated timber elements. #intimacy #togetherness #architecture https://t.co/axnSzijVrK

Masterplan Hafner, Konstanz DE, 2018

13/07/2021 HZ‘s invited to develop - or „reset“ - the center of Gossau ZH. @TommiMakynen joined the Kick-off Charrette with colleagues from Pool, Stücheli, Salewski-Kretz, Müller-Illien, Winogrond and PT. #charrette #urbandesign #centerdevelopment https://t.co/fI8b53frmt

Strömfors Village, Loviisa FI, 2018

30/06/2021 Today we kicked-off the Testplanung Elfenau in Bern CH - a major municipal maintenance center needs to be embedded into the beautiful English landscape park without compromising the value of the heritage site - hz w/ Hager. #landscapearchitecture #infrastructure #architecture https://t.co/oxuizNFHYF

Perovskya Urban Center, Moscow RU, 2018

13/06/2021 ”Wer baut, braucht eine Idee” - “The one who builds, needs an idea”, said the priest at the topping out ceremony of the Parish center on Kurvenstrasse - nicely put! #toppingout #architecture #evangelistlutheranchurch #parishcenter #annex #listedbuilding #buildingsite #Zurich https://t.co/b6oUeUXt0n

Salina Raurica Masterplan, Pratteln CH, 2018

02/06/2021 Learning for the future - HZ invited by Spatial Transformation Laboratories STL of @ETH to join the on-site talks about current and future urban developments in Schlieren CH #Schlieren #UrbanTransformation #UrbanDevelopment #UrbanPlanning #UrbanDesign #UrbanArchitecture https://t.co/M5hoS8OpU3

Town Center, Sarnen CH, 2017

Rotkreuz South, Rotkreuz CH, 2017

Längweier-Udelboden Housing, Luzern CH, 2017

Seminar Rickenbach Neighborhood, Schwyz CH, 2017

Innovation and Startup Ecosystem Development, Espoo FI, 2016

Balboa im Viadukt, Zurich CH, 2016

Herti-Areal Development, Bülach CH, 2016

Dreispitz Südspitze Transformation, Münchenstein CH, 2016

The Heart of Suvela, Espoo FI, 2016

New Aviation Museum, Vantaa FI, 2016

ELKZ Gemeindehaus und Wohnungen, Zürich CH, 2016